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Proud to have Won the El Rey Network Creature Feature Contest!     It was a total Blast!                            https://www.facebook.com/ElReyNetwork/videos/709224122515353/



Quck Digital Painting

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Quck Digital Painting.

Concept painting “tutorial”

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A quick tour of my Digital painting technique. Some of the things that I left out of the voice over: Gather as much reference that is relevant to your subject as you possibly can! One of the biggest mistakes, and a dead giveaway that your a student or just starting out, is painting without reference. Anything helps. Obviously there aren’t any 2 legged lizard guys wielding swords in the swamps, but if you can find ref that is of skin textures, an object or subject in a similar lighting scheme, etc. it goes a long way to helping you sell the piece. Study anatomy and light! After a while you’ll learn enough to “fake” it part of the way (still gather reference though). The brush that I use for painting and erasing, is the chalk brush usually set to 100% opacity and flow with the transfer set to opacity jitter-pen pressure only. It’s just what I’ve been using recently. I used to paint with a hard round brush but it just doesn’t feel right anymore. Use what works for you. The technique that I’m using is basically a glazing technique similar to what the Old Masters would use with traditional oils. Do yourselves a favor, study Rembrandt, Vermeer, Caravaggio, etc. That’s pretty much it. Thanks for watching. There will be more.

Motion Graphics

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A series of motion graphics pieces and some composting work that I created from this and last year.

MVP’s (Joy Road)

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Storyboards for the film formally named “MVP’s”. It’s now called “Joy Road” and has been making the Indie circuit.


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Loved working on the Zombies!

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